She recently smiled home with N1Million courtesy of Amstel Malta, as she was announced the best actress in Drama at the just concluded prestigious AMVCA. Indeed acting has been fetching Kehinde Bankole fame and fortune, but the talented actress is not done yet. She recently revealed her plans to delve into music, based on her love for songs. 'If I wasn't acting, I would certainly have been a singer, and I would be in the beauty business. I’d professionally be a singer and I’d run a beauty business on the side," she had hinted in a recent interview. Wondering, she had attempted singing officially before or has a single? Ms Bankole has this to say. "Yes, but I haven’t come out to do something more solid. I’ve recorded singles with my group; we’re called ‘Rave’, and we’ve got airplay at some point in time but we’ve never really pushed our music like we’re ready for mainstream yet. We’re ready for the homework presently though, because it’s been a long time coming. I’ve always been making sounds and doing business with music; I paid my bills through school with music and I’ve always been making soundtracks. I’ve not just really followed through on it because I’m already out there as an actor. It’s always been a challenge having the two and no one can joke with any of them. So, I praise people like Beyonce and Rihanna, (who had a short role in a movie recently), and Jennifer Lopez because it’s not funny or easy at all to combine acting with music. That’s the challenge right now, but we never can tell what can happen," she disclosed. your social media marketing partner