As Nigerians continue to savour the victory recently recorded by the All Progressive Congress (APC) Presidential candidate, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, many some celebrities are now in fear over their fate after they had canvassed for President Goodluck Jonathan. Nigerian singer, Oritse Femi has come out to praise the recent victory of GMB and immediately made it known that he was never hated but was only playing by the rules of the game. Recall that Oritse Femi has been on the campaign train of the GEJ administration that he even did a remix of his song, ‘Great Politician’ to help promote the campaign of the PDP. The singer explained that in whatever one does, there is always an opposition as it is no different in the music industry which he has also faced the same issue. He pointed out to GMB that Nigerians had lost fate in him and here is the opportunity for him to prove himself right as he (Oritse femi) will always be loyal to his government. According to him, “Congratulation to you Mr. President. Your story and mine almost looks alike. Your never say die spirit amazed me so much....after 4 attempt you finally made it. please never have it in mind that we hate you sir, it is just the rule of the game they must be an opposition. Even in my own field I face similar pee...not as if they don’t want me but it is what it is sir. but remember everyone almost lost confident in you. So you have to prove us wrong sir...stay bless and enjoy your humble tenure...may Allah guide and protect you and your household. finally am loyal to your government.... and we are ready to work with you in peace and unity...#general muhammad buhari. Man of the moment....#1 Nigeria.” your social media marketing partner