Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson has revealed that her mother is suffering from glaucoma, an eye condition that causes an increased pressure in the eyeball that can damage the optic disk, which may lead to a gradual loss of vision. The actress made this known on her social media page after a fan complained to her via an email of her eye condition due to incessant shortage in electricity supply in Ghana. The fan, identified as Yao Boateng, said the situation is getting worse. Responding, Yvonne said her mother is also going through the same condition. “Sad, sad, my mother is going through same,” she wrote on her page. The actress has organized a vigil on May 16, 2015 over the power situation in Ghana called ‘Dumsor’. READ ALSO: Senator-elect, Ben Bruce, under fire for anti-corruption tweets Click And Read More From your social media marketing partner