It would be recalled that some weeks back, a story of a young man who stripped down in a banking hall after he was illegally debited went viral now it is the turn of veteran Nollywood actress, Gloria Young. According to reports, the actress recently created a scene in a bank in Lagos after she had been debited of N20,000 from an ATM machine without getting the money since December 2014 and after reporting to her bank, she is yet to get a refund. She stated that the amount is not her problem but feels that such an amount of money can go a long way in saving someone’s life somewhere. “I went to use an ATM at Ejigbo, close to NNPC bus-stop in Lagos in December. I wanted to withdraw N20,000 but the machine did not dispense the money after debiting my account. I went to the second machine and it paid me. After six days without hearing a word from the bank, I went to complain. I also went to my bank to report the situation. This was in December. I have gone to them so many times to talk about it but all to no avail. “Now my lawyer is about to serve them a letter. He has been speaking with them but the bank keeps calling me to beg me instead of paying me my money. The matter has been dragging for too long. I am very angry at my bank because if they cannot fight for me because of N20,000, then they cannot fight for me when it comes to millions of naira. The amount might not sound like a big deal but it can pay some people’s salary. It is not just about me but others who go through similar situations. A letter from my lawyer would soon get to them,” she told Punch. your social media marketing partner