Wife of Nollywood actor, Ernest Asuzu, Jennifer, has disclosed that she feels sad about the negative reports linked with her husband. Jennifer, who works as a teacher in a private school in Lagos, explained that God has always given her the grace of overcoming troubles. In her words, “I feel bad as human, but it’s only God that gives me strength. You know Ernest suffered stroke? He had partial stroke last year. The stroke came from nowhere. But my joy is that if you see him now, you won’t know. “Well, any time I hear negative stories about him or read them, of a truth, I feel bad. I feel really, really bad.” She further prayed God separates her husband from bad companies, who she believes have not helped his closeness to God. “Okay! What I want him to become or to happen to him is for God to continue to guide him spiritually. “And secondly, that God should separate him from evil friends, from people that don’t wish him well. “Then, thirdly, God should open more doors of opportunity for him as an artiste. God should continue to give him the grace to always be that good husband that he is – husband to his wife, father to his children and son to his own family. “And lastly, God should not allow the spiritual fire He put in him to die. I have this strong belief that Ernest will end up a pastor,” she told Yes Magazine.
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