Younger sister to popular singer, Olu Maintain, Opeyemi Adegbulu better known as Oprah Alade, is not in a rush for stardom but gradually making a name for herself in with her high-life genre of music which she feels comfortable with. The singer in a recent interview with Newswatch, accused some artistes in the industry of spending their resources recklessly without planning for the rainy day. She pointed out that artistes live cosmetic lives and pretend to have enough money rather they have nothing and they borrow cars just to feel belong. In her words, “I agree that some artistes could be spendthrifts but sometimes, I believe some artistes are living cosmetic lives. You feel that they have so much money but they don’t; some borrow cars, live in an uncle’s house and lie that they bought the house, so I don’t disagree that some of them could be spendthrifts.” your social media marketing partner