Nollywood actress, Temitope Osoba, is still in the euphoria of her birthday as she recently celebrated her 30th birthday. The actress to some extent has not had it rosy in the Nigerian movie industry and also her personal life but she has not allowed her past to affect her present as she has continued to work hard to make a mark for herself. Without creating room for any form of distraction, the actress seems to have gotten some scoops that alledging her to be bleaching her skin which she does not seem bothered about. The actress recently stated that if she bleaches her skin is nobody’s business as long as she enjoys what she is doing that should not affect anybody. “If I like I bleach, if I like I hypo, if I like I charcoal, good or bad, na me go enjoy am. So far una wey carry my matter for head like gala,” she said. your social media marketing partner