Reserved Nigerian producer and singer, Martins Okechukwu Joshua Kalu Okun, better known as J Martins, has revealed that despite being a graduate of Political Science, he cannot really say if he will be going into politics for now as he is doing well in his music field. The singer stated that nobody is a politician but rather, leaders are made and the masses wants to see good things happen and not about an individual growth. “We all want to see better things happen for our people, not just ourselves. Let me give you an example. If you are a governor or president and I know that I have access to you because of what I do and I always come to you to give me something anytime I visit, I’m only one person out of millions. How many of us have that access? The masses are suffering, and it doesn’t make any sense. What we’re saying is that we must have a government for the people. A government that is all-inclusive and not few-inclusive. It shouldn’t be a family business” he told Qed. About his personality, the singer explained that he is a reserve person that rarely goes to club and on red carpets which he says are nice ways of making one relevant in the public view but would rather stick to his reserve life and his music which has been widely accepted. According to him, “My personal life is different from my career life. When I’m doing my music, you don’t see me but you dance to my songs and you enjoy it because it brings happiness to you. That’s the thing and that’s how I want it. Because I’m a bit reserved, most people tend to believe I’m not in the country. Of course, I travel a lot around the continent of Africa and I’m an African ambassador.” your social media marketing partner