Imelda Ada Okwori is one actress who has delved into music and has already crossed paths with the A-list big wigs for one issue or the other and the one that got she pained was the Jaywon saga. Speaking with The Union, she chose the time to clarify the real issue that happened between them, stating that she and the 'Odun Yi' crooner were just platonic friends. "Jaywon and I were not friends. We were like normal day to day friends but people did not understand and when the rumour surfaced, his crew handled it in a very poor and immature way. Their reactions were negative as they went about writing so many things about me," she stated. She revealed that it was the camp of Jaywon that started the rumour that there was something more between them. READ ALSO: Anne Welsh Fired From Obasanjo Foundation,after details of Money Laundering Scandal "I did not have any problem initially with Jaywon until mouth started wagging that we were dating. People around me started misbehaving and Jaywon started saying all kinds of things, confirming that he was having an affair with me. "I felt bad but at the end, I just let go and I have forgiven them from the bottom of my heart," she said. She was also recently credited to have said that her male crush is the self-acclaimed, Koko Master, Dbanj. Click And Read More From your social media marketing partner