The clamour for change by Nigerians may have not just been a political party affair as some entertainers have began to use the social media platform as a tool for communication for a better Nigeria. While some entertainers use the platform to flaunt the wealth acquired from various shows, one of Nigeria’s most respected singer, 2face, has lend his voice to call on political leaders to help create an enabling environment where everybody can all work together for the development of the country. The singer pointed out that since the emergence of democracy in 1999, there has not been anything worth celebrating about considering the amount of money spent so far. According to him, “Since 1999 till date the government of Nigeria both federal and state have done nothing worth celebrating considering the amount of money that have stolen or wasted. Whichever comes first?” “Some people have tried to do good but corruption and saboteurs didn't let them express their vision. We need to rearrange our way of doing things because right now we are just penny wise and pound foolish. Sacrifices must be made by all Nigerians especially those in power for us to be able to stand tall and proud,” he added. READ ALSO: “Corrupt” Nigerians should stop visiting Buhari – CNPP Click And Read More From your social media marketing partner