The effect of the shortage in petrol is biting hard on Nigerians and the country’s economy. Prices of commodity have skyrocketed and there is no certainty on when the situation will be brought under control by the government. A Nigerian music producer and singer, Sheyman, is not comfortable with the recent development. He described the Nigerian situation as a virus that eats deep into the system. Sheyman asked the incoming administration to probe present and past leaders and sent to jail if fond guilty. “This is a result of a problem left unsolved. A virus eats deep until it crashes the whole system. Nigerians wait too much. We wait for messiah,” he said. He asked, ‘1. Things get bad, we ignore 2. Things get worse, we make jokes, 3. Things get out of hand then we complain, 4. After complaining we carry on with our lives and start over again." He further said, “Some of our greedy past leaders should rot in jail! Some of our selfish past and present ministers should die of cancer and Ebola. What the f*ck is EFCC doing? $700m cash was found in the petroleum ministers house (a lady for that matter). People, we are our own government. These mufucjers are mere servants that treat us like slaves. We need to do something! They need to fear us.” READ ALSO: Jonathan, Sambo, others to declare assets within 30 days Click And Read More From your social media marketing partner