In Nollywood, the fear of this sexy and pretty star is fast becoming the beginning of wisdom. On the surface, the actress projects warm and inviting demeanor, but beneath that facade industry sources say lies a mean, hard and vindictive mind – a mind so unforgiving that those who have crossed her path end up reaping sorrow and pain, and she seems to revel in the sadistic pain she causes her traducers. According to close sources, the actress had toiled in the wilderness of Nollywood for years, and was often routinely ignored by Nollywood honchos until about five years ago, that she finally broke through the industry after a tawdry affair with a top Nollywood producer and soon became a popular face. Her eventual breakthrough and the adulation she enjoyed got into her head and she started to show incredible disrespect and condescending behavior toward older and more established stars. She began to cultivate a diva attitude, demanding to be treated like a bonafide star even though she was still learning the ropes of the industry. No one was too big for her acidic and caustic tongue. If she got paired with a top actress, she would demand to be given equal treatment, even though she had not totally earned her stripes yet to be so treated. Unable to initially get her way, our source revealed that she resorted to diabolic and spiritual means to get her way, and seemed to have succeeded. Today, she has risen and is considered one of the leading stars in the industry, and has continued to cause frictions and confusions among industry’s bigwigs. According to our source “if she desired something, and there may be someone she figured would be in her way to achieving that aim, she will first blackmail that individual, saying damaging things about the individual, in order to butt heads. If such antics failed, she will resort to other means-spiritual or otherwise. In the industry, she is avoided by a lot of people, because of this tendency. As popular as she is, she does not have a lot of friends, because making friends with her is akin to riding on the back of a tiger – you will soon be consumed by the tiger. She has caused pain and sorrow to a lot of people in the industry by this haughty and self-centered disposition.” Her friends, however, say she is one of the nicest people around, someone who is always there for her friends, and that all the talk about her diabolic ways are the handiwork of her detractors and haters, who just can not seem to keep up with her frenetic work ethics and the professionalism she brings to the industry. “Let them continue to hate on her…the more they do, the higher she climbs in the industry” a close friend had told us, when contacted your social media marketing partner