Younger sister to the entertainment czar who was formally known as Kenny Saint Brown but now called Kenny Saint Best is one of the female gospel musician we have in the industry today who can not be ignored. She had gone through thick and thin as a wife and an artiste. It's no longer a story that the mother of one has separated finally from her beau, the former Remedies dude, Tony Brown but it will interest you to know that their marriage collapse was as a result of drug addition which was not going down well on her as a gospel singer. Recently, KSB whose 'Turn Me Around' song is hitting the right places in town, told a journalist that it took the intervention of God to have overcame her marital ordeals. Hear her, "I went through a period that killed my career. broke it into pieces; my career died. Right now I am trying to revive myself to get the value back, because my name and career was stripped of value. So, all my efforts in the last four years is to add value back to Kenny. Now, I want to move on to higher things, I don’t want to remain in the shackles of my traumatised period, that’s why I renamed myself Kenny Saint Best. The angle I want people to view me now is from the angle of an inspiration queen." We asked her how she overcame the many obstacles she came Across why doing what she knows how to do best. "I think I was born to face bad experiences and overcome them. That is basically my story and that is why I am passionate about people; to encourage them that particular difficulty and challenge they are going through will pass. I can’t boast of surviving it all by myself, I will say that I got into the word of God and I was able to discover for myself all that I needed to pull through. Looking back now, I can only laugh and give God thanks. Those were times that I had a death wish. I just wanted to sleep and not wake up, but each time I went to bed, I will open my eyes the following morning, and I will cry because I was sad that I was still alive. It was the grace of God. It was a lot of prayers and the word of God that I have acquired on the way, on the path of my journey as a Christian. The bible says that “the weapon of our warfare are not carnal, but are mighty through God in pulling down strongholds,” and these strongholds are not just simple or ordinary things. It could be a best friend being a problem to you, It could be your partner, it could be an examination, and it could be a case of disappointment. Mine was all muddled up together, but I have found comfort in the word of God, to combat what I was facing every step of the way. It was not easy, that was when I had broader understanding of what the bible says that “man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. ” It was about finding those words and using them. It is synonymous with knowing that if you have malaria, it is not ordinary tablet that will handle it, but an injection. I had to search the word of God to discover the word I could use, that could bring me back to life. I really do not have anything that I can say that kept me. I stood to confront my shame, disappointments, fears, failures, and found every word that I could use to combat them in the bible." Click the link below to go to... My hubby loves my body- hugging dresses –Mercy Johnson How To Differentiate Nollywood (Nigerian Movies) From Hollywood Movies Veteran Actress, Chinwe Owoh Slaps Upcoming Actress For Talking Movie Marketers ban Ghanaian movies in Nigeria Susan Peters Turns 'June Fool'? Spreads False Rumour On D'Banj Proposing To Genevieve EXCLUSIVE: How Iyabo Ojo Allegedly Acquired Her SUV Range Rover SHOCKER: Pastor Chris Okotie Dumps 2nd Wife your social media marketing partner