Multi-talented movie actress, costumier, producer and fashion designer, Andy Ike has again dared haters who are keenly waiting to see her career hit the rock in the showbiz industry to repent from their decisive expectations, saying she can’t be involved in any scandal. This light-skinned actress confirmed that most people derive joy by making a point of exposing a flaw in another person’s life, which at the end may result into pulling one’s career down. Following the high rate of scandals trailing most Nollywood actresses, Andy Ike explained in an interview that personally in the past, she had been able to maintain a clean state of her career, meaning she is spotless to scandal. “I have never been involved in any scandal. I can't even be involved in one. I keep a low profile. I cannot be scandalized. But for Nollywood, I wouldn't be where I am today without it. Now I can walk into a place and I will be recognized. I am enjoying the fame,” she said. Whether by accident or design, she is also a politician. Ada Mazi, as most colleagues fondly call her in the make-believe industry stressed that her inspiration comes from God, “I am inspired by God; looking at His creation, and it baffles me when I think of why He thinks of me daily. Have you wondered how much air could cost? Have you been to the hospitals, at least see what God is doing for little me? I'm inspired by Him up there, that's why I want to do all I can to give back to the society as much as I can.” your social media marketing partner