The negligence of the Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC), makers of Coca-Cola, has again been brought to the fore with the discovery of a 6-inch metal inside a corked bottle of the soft drink, E24-7 MAGAZINE reports. The Coca-Cola was bought in Lagos, and, but for the keen observation of an adult, it would have been consumed by an unsuspecting kid who was already on the verge of opening the bottle. Coca-Cola, is a popular drink among Nigerians, especially young children, and the deadly effect of such a defect on the health can best be imagined. According to Wikipedia, carbonated drinks such as Coca-Cola have corrosive properties, and would have corroded the metal in it, thereby practically turning the drink to poison. According to a study by Marijan Seruga and Damir Hasenay (, “Corrosion occurs principally due to the presence of orthophosphoric acid in the cola-based drinks.” A health practitioner, Dr. Femi Ishola, also corroborated the fact that the effect of the drink would have been fatal if it had, perhaps, been consumed by a young child. According to him, “Special attention and care ought to be paid to products, especially those consumed by young children. The metal must have been lying in the drink for a long time, and as such, impurities and foreign properties must have been introduced into the drink. Apart from that, can you imagine what would happen if a young chap opens the bottle and guzzles the drink without properly examining it? The metal would have gone straight into his system, and a surgery would be required to get such a long piece of metal out of the body; that’s even if it does not pierce and damage internal organs. There is no gainsaying the fact that such negligence is extremely dangerous,” he quipped. © 2014 Click the link below to go to... Ali Baba Roots For ‘Comedy Branding’ I Owe my Ex-Keturah Hamilton A Debt I Can Never Pay For Life……..Jim Iyke Is Yvonne Nelson A Natural Beauty Or A Make Up Beauty? Nollywood Actress, Elizabeth Anjorin Relocates I’m Used To Ladies Embarrassing Me—Arinze Okonkwo Homos Are Not Safe In Nigeria--Aderonke Apata Yells your social media marketing partner