Ex-beauty queen Ebinabor Potts-Johnson is fast making wave in the moving industry after her debut movie titled 'The Target', just as she has recorded remarkable success in her modelling career as Miss Baleysa, 1st runner up in Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN), 2006. Thereafter, she represented Nigeria in Mexico as Miss Universal in 2007. The beauty and brain thespian revealed that her beauty is her selling point, as well as how she copes in a polygamous home. "As an ex-beauty queen I'd say my talent is my selling point because most times, people see me on set and get convinced with my role interpretation and body languages not just my looks. Though, my look is an advantage, but I will say my talent is my selling point but I always get compliments for my face. In this industry, beauty counts, and it's an advantage. So tagging it as a selling point, is allowed. But for me, I think my talent comes first. For some directors and producers, I really can't say." On the part of her body she admires the most, she said, 'Well for things I see, I will say my face because it has all the features placed appropriately by God. And for things not seen, I will say my brain because it's sometimes faster than a Ferrari." Ebinabor also recounted her growing up days in a polygamous home. "Growing up was fun for me. Sometimes I miss those innocent days, less worries mind, sincere happiness and others. I grew up with my parents and they directed me rightly, supported me, taught me about God. I have step brothers and sisters but nothing comes in between our friendship. We are happy and blessed as a family. In fact, my background taught me how to smile in difficult times, although I'm still learning to do that . Well in general, I had a very normal but important start in my life."
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