Bimbo Akintola seems to be on the path to finally letting go of her reckless past life adventures and wants to have a forward and progressive life that is filled with love. She has shared recent pictures of her aging parents who are still very much in love and she might be craving the same. She says that the different heart aches that the men and women endure in relationships should not be vented on others around. She wants everyone to look at heartbreak as a necessary phase before growing up. "At one point or the other we have all gone through the stages of healing from a broken heart, I certainly have. One thing that we, women, do not realize is that men also have suffered broken hearts and like us carry the baggage into the next relationship." She said life will always be unfair but everyone must move on. She said, "We all need to learn to let go; let go of the distrust, let go of the fear, let go of the hurt, just let go. I know it is hard but it is necessary if you want a life filled with love. Make the effort. Take a chance on love, on life. Decide today to change your first reaction coloured by the past. I am not saying you will never be hurt again ,for a lot of us, we will. I am asking that we look at heartbreak as a necessary phase, a part of our emotional growth. Live life to the maximum." your social media marketing partner