When it was reported that Bimbo Akintola was going to be a celebrity election observer at the coming elections, many observers were a bit taken back on the grounds that why would the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, give preference to any celebrity during the elections. Noticeably, celebrities have been seen with many aspirants and INEC was asked why such a development would be permitted. The response was quite a shocker. INEC denied issuing any 'Celebrity Election Observer' card stating that it was not accredited. When Nigeriafilms.com called the INEC number to investigate the 'unaccredited' celebrity card, the customer care agent who spoke said, "For now I do not have anything to say about this. Rather I will transfer your issue to the appropriate unit that will handle it and they will give you a feedback." However, the actress deleted the 'fake' INEC card which is still being debated on before uploading another INEC card which she called 'official' and having the 'Election Observer Assistant' and her details boldly printed on it. Upon further investigations, when Nigeriafilms.com put a call to her, her personal assistant, Lucy, replied that her boss was in a meeting and busy at the moment. She said, "She is not available for now because you know it is the election week. Next week you can call back. I will tell her you called. She is in a meeting right now." The question now that may be begging for answers is bordered on where did the actress get the fake 'Celebrity Election Observer' card without INEC's approval? The populace have also asked questions attacking the credibility of the actress if allowed to go on as an election observer come March 28th and April 11th, 2015?
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