While many still don’t believe in the word love, those in love still believe that the word ‘love’ conquered all things especially when those involved understand each other. Nollywood actress and wife of Nigeria’s finest artiste, Annie Idibia, has spent some minutes out of her time to explain how happiness can help conquer any challenges one is going through. Annie disclosed that there are times she feels things are not going down well for her but she still tries to keep herself happy because it is just the best way to get on with life. Here is her text below; Find happiness in all you do...It hard. Tough sometimes...But hey! We got one life just one. Make it worth it!! Be happy; find a smile in your hurt Even for me..There are times am just tired and feel things aren't falling into place like I would love it to... But hey! Am a happy girl....ALWAYS I woke up pretty excited...happy and thankful that am alive. I DON'T have everything I WANT. This is true!! But I have I everything I need Love should never leave your heart! no matter how hurt!!Could be your boyfriend, your brother, mom, dad, husband or just business partner..is what makes the world go round Be thankful...someone is going through worse... Some have never experienced any kind of love. Brotherly, motherly or even from the opposite sex Be glad that you have friends that can tick you that hell off...sister/brother to fight with/a lover to disagree with! Some are graving for that! Be Thankful
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