The popular TV programme ‘Charly Boy Show’ was aired in early 90s and late 2000 with popular faces like Tunde and Wunmi Obe gracing the show with various segments embedded in it. The show could be said to be one of the shows that started the idea of playing of pranks on passerby who did not know there was a hidden camera somewhere recording how they fall for the pranks played on them. Since the duo quit TV programmes in 2009, speculations have had it that the singers have not been having a good time with their former boss, Charles Oputa. Defending the claims, Tunde explained that nothing of such exist as they still have much respect for their former boss, Charles Oputa. READ ALSO: Obasanjo Foundation sacks trustee implicated in money laundering deal; reports her to London Police, U.K. Charity Commission “Well, I think that’s what happens when you’ve been working with somebody for 15/16 years and when it’s time to move on even though there’s really no conflict or disagreement. If you ask him he’ll tell you we’re cool and if you ask me I’ll say the same. ‘But I think because we no longer work together, it just leaves that little gap where the relationship seems strained, but the respect will always be there because we brought a lot to the table and we achieved a lot,” he stated. Click And Read More From your social media marketing partner