One of Nigeria’s curvy on-air-personality, Toolz Oniru, was all surprised when a fan of her programme fulfilled a promise she has made live on the she after the presenter had complained of not having fuel. While, during these hard times the country is facing, the caller by name Sade, kept to her promise by coming to the office of Toolz to present the fuel as she had called to promise. Toolz who was speechless, had to take the girl round the studios to show her colleagues and appreciate her for what she did stating that she never knew her from anywhere. Sade had called into the programme to promise Toolz the fuel because according to her, she so much loves her programme and it was a way of displaying her affection READ ALSO: Senate Presidency: Akpabio, Orji, Uba, Egwu attend pro-Saraki meeting According to Toolz, “So this super shy lady totally made my day today. Yesterday Sade called my show while I was complaining about fuel...she said she would bring me some the next day because she liked my show. Guess what she did! Exactly what she said...I'm gobsmacked. I don't know her from Adam (nor Eve), but what she did was very sweet and put a smile on my face! I took her round the station to tell ppl what she did, which I think embarrassed her lol. Thank you so much Sade...God bless you plenty ! P.S had to strong-arm her to get this pic!” Click And Read More From your social media marketing partner