Yoruba actress, Regina Chukwu, has offered insights into $ex roles she’s had to play in, hinting that she doesn't see any harm in them. The beautiful mother of two is well known with Yoruba films and has also produced movies too. According to her, she can act love making role so far some conditions are met. ‘I have done it one or two times. Acting is make-belief, so you have to be comfortable when you are doing it and you also have to take into consideration that our society doesn’t support some things. They may just condemn you for doing some things but that doesn’t mean you will not do it. We only have to be considerate when doing it. ‘There was this movie I shot, I don’t think it’s out yet, we were to shoot a scene of where we are making love, serious love making. After the director had shot the scene, I made sure they did the behind the scene shots, where people would see that I had my clothes on. ‘I made that demand because of my children particularly; they are kids and would not understand. I made them to do the behind the scene so that at the end of day people would see that people were actually in the room while shooting the scene,’ she said. Regina’s popular films include ‘Akun’, ‘Ewatomi’, ‘Idaro,’ ‘Awolu ati Awalu’ and ‘Ogunso’.
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