Nollywood actress, Liz Ajorin, has revealed that she is hard working because she is the only child and her mother gave birth to her while in her menopause. “You can’t be like Liz Ajorin because I was the only child. My mother had me in her menopause so Iya arugbo ni mama mi (My mother is an old woman). Being a female child, people don’t respect female child so I started hawking with my mum at the age of four and I’m still hawking till tomorrow despite the fact that I’m a celebrity. I only see myself as a celebrity when I’m on Red carpet. I have shop and other things am doing because as a woman and being the only child, I love my mother so much and I have some things I do every month to remember her. I work for my money that is why I’m like this today,” she said. The actress stated in an interview programme monitored by, that the perception people have about actresses are wrong by seeing them as unclean people that they go down with men just to get their way through. She noted that as a young girl, she needs to try her best to ensure that she makes a living for herself because if one is not careful in the industry, they might end up not having a house for themselves at the end. According to her, “All these things are vanities. I have male customers. If you mess up with your customer, you are gone with that business. So you have to be discipline. I’m a business woman but being a business woman gives me a lot of discipline than being an actress. Being an actress can give me the opportunity to do anything like go nude but being a business woman, you dare not mess with your customer. That is what my mother taught me. I even sell to customers at 3a.m. The rich ones don’t sleep it is only the lazy ones that sleeps even on Sunday, if I get a call on my way to NASFAT, I will beg God and turn back to do my business o. If I don’t work, I will be poor and if I’m poor, I will go into dirty things.” your social media marketing partner