Like the popular saying, ‘a tree cannot make forest’, and because of this reason, people come together to make things happen in almost every spheres of life. Not too long ago, Samklef, a music producer who was instrumental in doing beats for Wizkid’s hit songs, lashed out at him. He accused the singer of living a life not appropriate, saying he does not like the way he smokes. But in a swift response, Wizkid, who took to his social media page to address the issue, says he has no issue with his former producer because he (Samklef) remains his ‘brother’. He wondered why the music producer would pick on him so sudden. Wizkid added that he has learnt another lesson from the incident. After having a brief misunderstanding, the singing duo are back together after a long while. According to Samklef, “Wizkid is my bro and we are back together, don’t dull, much respect.” your social media marketing partner