Susan Yusuf is the owner of SQ Club before she partnered with D’Prince of Mo’Hits to change it to Jonzing on Wednesday,September 28,2011. In a recent interview,she opens up on the re-launch and why she partner with D’Prince. She said I have known a lot of Nigeria celebrities and I am not impressed with them.They are too fluffy.I was discussing with a friend on the need to partner with a celebrity.He asked whom I have in mind and I said I don’t have anyone,because I am not too keen about Nigeria’s entertainment industry. I sought his advice and he said no one on his mind.I later saw a video of Don Jazzy.That’s Prince’s behind Who am I? I have the song and love his personality.I told my friend and he said that was Prince.He got his number and I called Prince. Why I finally decided to partner with him was his humility.He responded to me politely the first time I spoke with him on phone.He came over and discussed the terms and agreements. Asked what prompted the change of name to Jonzing;she saidWhile deliberating on the rebranding,we were clueless on the new name.Remember,I made the move on partnership. Thus,while discussing I gave him several names but he was not cool about it.He said they sounded more European.He said it should be a Naija thing.He later maintained Jonzing.I asked what that means and he said that was the name of one of the songs in his album songs.He told me what it means and I fell in love with it. your social media marketing partner