The stage appears set for a court battle between two Nigeria’s music artistes, award winning hip-hop star, D’banj and Kelly Hansome over alleged copyright infringement. A statement from Mo’ Hits Record (D’banj’s music label) media Company, Media Image Managers revealed that the duo would be heading to the court room soon if all efforts to make Kelly Hansome to withdraw the new song, a remix of D’banj’s I’m Feeling Good, which Hansome had released on the Internet, fail. Mo’ Hits alleged that the D’banj’s song, I’m Feeling Good, was leaked in the process of recording and it finally found it’s way into Kelly Hansome’s hands who quickly did a ‘remix’. “It shows how slippery the nation’s entertainment sector is,” the star’s publicist said in the statement. The statement read: “Do take notice that Mo’Hits Records Limited is the lawful owner of rights to the recorded material (I’m Feeling Good) being touted by one Kelechi Obinna Orji a.k.a. Kelly Hansome or persons acting for him. Mo’Hits Records Limited has not granted the said rights to Mr. Hansome or to anyone else. Mr. Hansome’s possession and offering of the material at issue is unauthorized, unjustified, inexcusable and downright illegal; the subject of current civil and criminal proceedings.” Mo’ Hits advised anyone not to “publish, offer, play, copy, post or howsoever treat with the said material if or when it is offered to you.” Hansome through his lawyer had denied any wrong doing. “If that position does not change, Mo’ Hits will be left with no choice than to seek redress in the law court but in the intermission, any third party that does not want to be dragged into this litigation should desist from promoting the work in any form,” the statement warned. your social media marketing partner