About two weeks ago, a yet-to-be aired soap-opera called CATWALQ was premiered for media buyers and advert agencies at the Sheraton Hotel, in Ikeja, Lagos. The soap was a joint production of Royal Arts Academy headed by Emem Isong and Nollywood actress, Monalisa Chinda. Before coming to the soap itself, one needs to talk about the organization. It was an occasion that everything looked disorganized and the producers, Isong and Chinda didn’t seem to have a clue about what to do. First, the event was supposed to be for media buyers but there were less than ten of them in a country that parades over five hundred of such organizations. The whole place was filled with Nollywood practitioners and mostly those that play extras or those known as waka pass, all moving up and down without decorum. The MC for the event looked lost and appeared busy doing more than three or four things at the same time. He was not dressed like a Master of Ceremonies and did not carry himself like one. He made the show look like a circus. The screen for the premiere was placed behind the high table instead of adjacent and so they had to finish showing the soap before people were called to the high table.
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