Not many people know that there is bitter feud between top business woman,philanthropist and wife of the Chairman and founder of Daar Comunications group,Chief Mrs Moji Dokpesi and award winning film maker,Dickson Iroegbu. Those in the know,say the feud emanates from one business deal gone sour which led to the top business woman expressing her anger in various ways. According to tale bearers,Mrs. Dokpesi had taken Dickson under her wings and was acting as his benefactor with the sole aim of furthering his career. Mrs. Dokpesi we learnt,had bought into Iroegbu’s Child Soldier film project film project and had advanced the sum of N7 million to help him with logistics. The business woman we hear,had also made available a Kia Rio sedan,a car that Iroegbu promptly branded in the Child Soldier colour. Trouble however started after two years when there was nothing concrete to show that the Child Soldier film will be shot and that the business woman,will recoup her money. Insiders say after she sought a plan of action from the film maker and asked when the movie will be released for her to get back her investment but did not get anything tangible,she decided to pull out. She was reported to have first taken the Kia Rio car and we hear she is still waiting for the producer to pay back the remaining cash. More on this later. your social media marketing partner