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The bitter fight brewing between top comedian, Basketmouth and ace OAP, Daddy Freeze, has taken another dimension with the swift response of the rib-cracker. Minutes ago, we reported how Daddy Freeze mocked the comedian’s performance the just concluded Olamide’s show tagged ‘OLIC 2,’ with a judgemnet that the comedian’s joke was too flat for someone of his status. READ IT HERE Well, Basketmouth, who knows how to handle such criticism, has replied the Cool FM presenter. Basketmouth, in his response wrote, “Twitter: 977,800 - 46,500 = 931,300 Instagram: 558,239 - 23,000= 535,239 then Facebook: 2,820,005 - 4,616= 2,815,389 and the TOTAL: 5,213,228 Million. After solving the equation, he used a freezer to condole himself; BRIGHT!!! Why are you wasting your time? It's not even cold enough.”
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