Comedian Jedi has urged Uche Jombo’s husband Kenny not to be too worried as he does not really know how to speak the Spanish language very well after he was asked to interpret the meaning of ‘congratulations you married a good wife’ and he could not. While differentiating between the Mexicans and Peurto Ricans, Kenny explained that the difference is that the Peurto Ricans were two feet taller that the Mexican people. This took place during the actress baby shower some weeks back where Uche and her husband hosted some close friends. Jedi further joked about Kenny who refused to eat Nigerian dish and he was advised to eat it if he truly wants to get his skin in good condition. READ ALSO: Ojukwu never imagined I’d go to war – Gowon Uche also used the opportunity to announce her two new movies which are out already and currently on Netflex which are ‘Lies Men Tell’ and ‘Lagos Cougars.’ Click And Read More From your social media marketing partner