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How time flies and the clock will not stop ticking for one day. Well, popular Nigerian comedian, Bright Okporacha aka BasketMouth, has decided to pay his Alma Mata a surprise visit after 20years. The comedian recently went visiting the secondary school, United Christian Secondary School Apapa Lagos,where he had graduated from and was so delighted to see that the school was still able to maintain its discipline. According to him, "United Christian Secondary School Apapa Lagos, And today I visited my secondary school, seated on the same seat (at least the same corner) I sat 20yrs ago in my classroom." BasketMouth was also surprised to have found out that he and well-known Nigerian music producer, MasterKraft, both attended the same school. He posted the pictures he took with the students of the school in his the class and in the position where he likes sitting which was at the back sit.
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