Nothing lends more credence to the Yoruba saying that it is when there is a quarrel that a song becomes a byword than the recent outburst of Enetimi Odom, the musician otherwise known as Timaya who has inadvertently revealed that there is a muffled spat between he and his former collaborator and producer, Solomon ‘K Solo’ Oyeniyi. Perhaps, Timaya would have continued to pretend that all was well but recent happenings from his former friend’s end have made him speak out. Early this week, I don know, a single off K Solo’s forthcoming album, Mr. Pedigree was released. The single dramatically features Timaya who claims that he had not been in touch with the producer in the past nine months. That is the crux of the matter. In a post on Twitter last Tuesday, Timaya disclaimed the collaboration, saying, “I can’t remember doing a song with K Solo. My vocals on his promo song is an old song I did in his studio like two years ago. This is fraud.” He further states, “Please my people, I didn’t record any song with K Solo. I haven’t even seen him for the past nine months. The vocals on the song were copied from my song.” When contacted, K Solo said he was surprised at Timaya’s allegations and charged E-Punch to investigate the veracity of the claim that they hadn’t been in touch in the past nine months using the date of release of Timaya’s hit single, Plantain Boy, which he produced as a parameter. Contrary to K Solo’s claim, Plantain Boy was released as a single in December 2009 while the full album hit the streets a month later. “I don’t have anything to say about the issue for now but when the time comes, I’d give you more details than you want from me.” Meanwhile, E-Punch has learnt that Timaya’s management firm, Purple Fame Entertainment helmed by Prince Nnamdi Oluzor, is already talking to lawyers with the view to charging K Solo to court for copyright infringement and theft of intellectual property. “We want to teach him a lesson because K Solo has maligned our artiste too badly in the media and this recent one is the last straw,” Oluzor told E-Punch. Timaya and K Solo’s relationship dates back to the Dem Soldier’s early days in the industry. He produced Timaya’s first album, True Story, and worked on 13 songs in the sophomore, Gift and Grace. But his participation on the third album was nominal because the artiste decided to work with a variety of producers. Since then, close friends of the duo say, K Solo has been disparaging Timaya at every available opportunity. The friendship bond between the two eventually snapped sometime back over a newspaper interview where K Solo was quoted as saying, “I can’t imagine an artiste dropping two albums in a year, but the boy (Timaya) was running after other artistes when his album is still blowing so I concluded not to work with him anymore. And everyone can see how the album (The Rebirth) is doing. For relationship, we are still very cordial, only that our music relationship is over.” your social media marketing partner