Yetunde Alaba, better known as Sasha P is a hip hop artist and a fashion designer. She is one of the remaining few artistes still signed to Storm 360 after the likes of Ikechukwu, GTman, Sauce Kid, Jazzman left the Obi Asika’s record label. The rapper whose two singles “Ma wobe be and Don’t stop” presently rules had a chat with MURPHY FADAIRO. She talked about why she is still single, her upcoming second album which she titles Sasha Speaks, why she may not leave Storm 360 and more. Excerpts. Your new song Mawobe is not doing badly on the airwaves; can you tell us how you feel about this and the inspiration behind the song? I think the song is self explanatory, I am very proud of it and that is why I made it my promotional single. Mawobe simply means don’t look there. The message behind the song is that there is always negativity around you; when you get up on your feet and try to do some things people are always in your head saying all sorts of things that you can’t make it. It is a self encouraging song; no matter what they say or do you tell them am going to keep pushing on. Even if they tell me I can’t make it I am still going to forge ahead. So Mawobe simply means don’t get distracted by what they say and be positive. Why did you decide to collaborate with Brymo on this song why not some other artiste; is it because he is like the rave of the moment looking at collaborations he has done with Ice Prince, MI, 2Shots that have turned into instant hit? Well he is no doubt the rave of the moment and everybody wants to feature him on their songs. The truth is that he is a prolific singer and he’s got an amazing voice; I thought he will be able to do justice to the song and that’s what he did. You actually dropped two singles Mawobe and one other, tell us about the other? Yes I have the national and the international version. The international was serviced in the European radio stations. It’s a futuristic sound but it’s also techno, produced by Jesse Jags and it’s called “Don’t stop”. Don’t stop also is more less the same message of moving forward because I am also about forging ahead and encouraging people to do what it is they want to do to succeed. Not forget it is also a dance record. If there is any consistent female rapper in the industry today it would be Sasha; how has it been still keeping it locked down in the industry and what has been your motivating force? It is the grace of God to be doing this; I am very fortunate and lucky to be doing what I love doing best and still be relevant. I am just very happy to be here and I don’t see myself disappointing my fans even in years to come. Has it ever got to a point when you had to struggle or felt like giving up since there were just few female MC’s back then? I wouldn’t use the word struggle, but I do believe gender has had its benefits and disadvantages. My watch word is the word NEVER. You have to keep getting better at what you do and breaking even your own record, find out what it is you are genuinely good at and would do for free then do that thing like your last breath depended on it. That is what I have done over the years. What a man can do a woman can do better. How come so many artistes are leaving your record label Storm 360; is the partnership and atmosphere no longer conducive for you guys and why are you still there? Well it is true artistes like Ikechukwu, GTman, Sauce kid and the rest have left the label for one reason or the other. Maybe their contract has expired or something I am not in the best position to say this but one thing I can tell you is that I started my career at Storm records which metamorphosed into Storm 360 and am still here because my contract has not come to an end. My first album which brought me to limelight First Lady was released here. I am still very much here and wouldn’t know why others left. There are music critics who believe that Storm 360’s artistes, though talented, have not been much of a commercial success and that is the major reason they leave. Do you agree with them? I beg to differ, because it depends on what you call commercially successful. When Jazzman was at Storm, he made hits and still left. Darey too; he left. It all depends on individual motives. I would definitely say that artistes at Storm 360, past and present, have been commercially successful. They have their reason for leaving; I would only want to speak for myself. What is your typical day like? I like to hang out with my friend like you can see I came here to chill with a friend. My perfect day involves hanging out with my girlfriends and then shopping, shopping and doing some more shopping. Her perfect day involves hanging out with her girlfriends and then shopping, shopping and doing some more shopping. A lot have been said about the relationship between you and your fellow label mate Nateo C but am not going there; who is Sasha seeing at the moment? For now I am going to be honest with you who I see and don’t see is not what I want for public consumption. My relationship is a private one and that is how it is and I want it to be. My focus is to make sure my second album “Sasha Speaks” will not be a flop so talking about who I see now won’t make me richer or otherwise. Let’s flip the question. So when should we look out for the album in stores and what is the title? The album proper drops next month and it is going to be titled Sasha Speaks. As you know two singles out of the album is already out and we have been receiving reaction. So we know what to expect when the album eventually drops next month. your social media marketing partner