date:monday september 30,2009 venue:02 arena(not the main arena,just a mini side stage)london. correct me if i am wrong but isnt bolanle ikhiria,miss kokolet 2009 supposed to be dbanjs official escort for the next one year?why then has he been recently attending shows with miss Isimunirat Airewele?(the lady from the netherlands who was sent into the kokomansion to stir up the housemates). olofofos whisper that isi is the unofficial handbag that is stirring trouble in the crooners heart while others cliam that the crooner is only trying to act as her claim to fame. whatever the reason is,they should take bolanle along next time,she is afterall the offical escort for one year. please anyone who knows isi should tell her not to try too much as she already has a claim to fame.her claim to fame is.... ''dbanjs handbag'. isi has also joined the face of sleek compettion 2009...nah wah By Stella dk your social media marketing partner