A GRAVE silence descended an Ikeja Magistrate's Court yesterday as an 18-year-old man, Amusa (surname withheld) told the court how he was allegedly raped by a 39-year-old actor and producer in the Nigerian (Yoruba) Movie Industry, Alhaji Rasaki Olaniyi, alias Tunji Alaso. An emotional Amusa told Magistrate T. A. Omoyele that the popular actor drugged him with a fruit juice drink, held him captive, raped him and wiped the semen he released on him with a white handkerchief. The victim said: My name is Amusa (surname withheld). I am 18 years old. I work as a fuel attendant at a filling station in (area name withheld). Alhaji Oni film (as he referred to the alleged rapist) came to my filling station to buy fuel. He started chatting with me and asked me what time I would close from work. I told him that I close by 10:30 pm. He told me that the job I am doing was not good for me and that he would help me to get another job that will be better than being a fuel attendant. "He gave me his phone number and address and promised to give me a job. I called him later in the week and he asked me to meet him in his house at AIT Road, Okofilling by 6:00p.m. I got there by 7:30p.m. and met some men in the sitting room. They told me to go and meet Alhaji Oni film in the bedroom but I began to feel that something was wrong. I told them to call him out but they insisted that I go inside his bedroom to meet him." Amusa continued: "When I entered the bedroom, I saw Alhaji Oni film in his underwear. He asked me to sit down and offered me a drink. I refused to drink and told him that I wanted to leave as it was getting too late in the night. He refused to let me go and ordered me to drink the fruit juice or they would force me. "When I refused, he called the two men I met earlier in the sitting room to hold me down and they forcefully poured the drink in my mouth. "In the next five minutes, I discovered that my body was weak I did not have power to move and I immediately felt like sleeping. I saw Alhaji removing his underwear and started raping me by putting his penis into my anus. He released his semen on my body and wiped it with a white handkerchief. "He later asked the two men to open the door for me to go. When I got home, I was supposed to go to work but I could not go because I was feeling the pain. I later noticed that I could not excrete through my anus or urinate. I called my father and told him what happened between me and Alhaji and he took me to the police station to report the case. That was how they arrested them and brought them to court." Amusa's narrative did not go smoothly as counsel to the defendant interrupted him several times, which elicited objections from the prosecuting lawyer and generated heated confrontation between them. The magistrate, however, calmed both parties down for the session to continue and adjourned the matter to October 13 and 15, this year
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