Sandra petgrave chukwuka is married to a real estate mogulgeorge chiedu chukwuka and they have six children together but recently the husband began divorce proceedings against her. The court papers show that on august 2,2009,the ex queen was charged forbattery and arrested with warrant number 09W14618 the case will come up in court on november 5,2009 at exactly 9:am georgia time. The ex queen who was born on august 19,2009 was listed as 36years old as at the time of arrest on august 2,2009 at 11:13pm. She was released after on bail after a lorraine petgrave paid a 500dollars(receipt number#65164/65736) fine on august 4,2009, at 12:51am. This implies sandra spent two days behind bars! (The arresting officer for the case is one sergent burton of DEKALB COUNTY POLICE DEPT with badge number 2892 and the witness to her battering is listed as odolorin cholma). Inside sources say this''They live in Stone Mountain GA (right outside Atlanta)in a golf course community,in a multi-million dollar home,the median home price in their area is $700K,she drove a porsche cayenne among other expensive cars,she didn't even run a business or anything, she was just a wife and mother and she had three full time nannies at her beck and call,living a lifestyle that most people only dream of. no one knows what really happened and Sandra didn't tell anyone why she disappeared but apparently they were having marital problems and it escalated when sandra left the house for many weeks without a trace,when she came back her hubby refused her entry into the house and all hell was let loose as she descended on him which led to the police being called in.nobody even knew that happened until a forthnight, when the news started coming out that a divorce was happening''. Sandra won the conveted mbgn crown in 1992 and after her reign she sank into obscurity and relocated to america in the mid nineties. SShe is married with six children,the last being two year old twin boys. Note:for the battery case sandra will be arraigned in dekalb county court(room 3c)on november 9,2009 at 9:00am with presiding judge babara.j.mobley in state vs sandra petgrave case number S2131104 . Criminal proceedings and divorce proceedings will be updated here after the court cases. -Stella DK your social media marketing partner