Actress UCHE JOMBO tells us''ini edo and i have settled our differences'' 1-After 10years in nollywood, you are finally acknowledged and your profile is on the rise. how does this make you feel? ....It feels like years of hard work and believing in my self is paying off, do I think I've reached the zenth of my career? not at all because luckily for me, my day job teaches me new things so i am still learning how to get even better. it feels good though that i have become a household name. i look back to when i started and how far i have come and i just thank God for blessing me. 2-At what point did things begin to change for you? ...I think after the move 'games men play'. I started getting serious roles after that movie I think so its safe to say the movie redirected my career. 3-You just finished producing your own movie 'nollywood hustler' why did you join the bandwagon of actresses becoming movie producers? .....I first saw nollywood hustler three years ago when emem isong showed it to me,we were to do it at that time but something happened and we couldn't shoot again,but the story stuckin my head. when I wanted to shoot my own movie, I had other scripts but I remembered the hustler story because I am a lover of a good laugh.isnt life too short for worries? I also wanted something different and the hustler script fit into what i wanted so i called emem to ask about the story and she told me it was still lying there. I guess it was too good a story to miss. As for why i joined..i want to tell my own stories my own way, thank God for providing the means..lets take nollywood to a level where people will begin to watch our movies and have respect for what we do. 4-So what will the movie nollywood hustler be bringing to the table? .....Its Basically about nollywood, the laughs, the behind the scene people, hustlers trying to become known,the stars playing themselves,its a different kind of movie. some people actually think that you can make a movie in a week in nollywood but thats not true. nollywood hustler kind of corrects the wrong impression some people have about making movies in nollywood..its a good laugh really. 5-Did you write the script for nollywood hustler or did you pay for someone to write it? ...Someone wrote it, one bola lady and then uduak isong, emem isong and I added our bit to the story. 6-Your boyfriend ikechukwu uche was recently injured,how is he fairing now? ...YoU should know stella, you seem to know everything these days.Even when people are on the phone in their rooms you are there, someone said you might be a witch. Don't ask me because I am not telling you who said so. all i am saying is that since you already know most of these answers you can as well ask the questions and chip in the replies yourself. As for my relationship, i resolved a long time not to make it an issue for public consumption anymore. so sorry i dont want to talk about ikechukwu and i. 7-Do you want to tell us why you made a million dollar bet on ini edos marriage not lasting long? ...That question is very funny, when that came out to say i was shocked is an understatement, how on earth would I bet on another person's marriage? moreso someone who is a friend of mine. it was a stupid, well thought out story by someone who wanted to come in between us. i am not really interested in going into the details because I have grown beyond some things, I am more focused on serious things than hearsay these days. moreso ini and i have talked about this and identified the culprit and we have taken our friendship to a level where hearsay will hopefully not affect us again. ini edo and i have settled our differences. 9-Why is there so much bad blood amongst nollywood actresses? there are talks that you are amongst those who is not in speaking terms with some of your this a jealousy thing? ....Personally, I don't think so, friendship is between two people who understand what the word friendship means. if you are friends with someone who doesnt obey the rules of friendship then its better to be on your own..jealousy? God has embarrased me with so much blessings that i am still dazed. being jealous of anyone isnt my thing. 10-Are you still single by choice or by design? ....Very funny. is there anyone who doesnt want to get married? i am not trying to sound my horn but i get marriage proposals all the time, they ask but maybe I haven't seen what I am lookn for. i dont want to get married because i am being asked, i want to get married because i want to. 11-Ok if you havent seen what your husband material looks like, have you seen your baby daddy material? ...Thats a trick question. i have to get back to a movie set now please. thank you and stella please do not quote me out of context. By Stella DK your social media marketing partner