Rashida Adamu Abdullahi tries to hook up with Abdulkadir Inna-Inna. Although Rashida Adamu Abdullahi is still in a relationship with Sadiq Mafia, she is also on the prowl for dudes. Apparently, she tried to pick up Inna-inna. I guess he declined. Man, that’s gotta hurt. Hausa film actress just don’t get declined, particularly at a party. I mean come on…. she is an actress. Weekend Triumph Entertainment Gossip source said: “Rashida is a very good-looking girl and used to getting what she wants. Inna-Inna has been on her radar for a while, but he doesn’t want anything to do with her. He finds her constant craving for attention and her heavy night driving a turn-off. It’s not like he is short of female attention anyway.” Sorry Rashida. = = = Maijidda Adbulkadir's husband, Abubakar (the-bad) thinks sugar is more dangerous than cigaratte. Maijidda Adbulkadir's husband, Abubakar (the-bad) says sugar is more dangerous than cigratte. The-bad - who found fame with his 1998 story book, 'Mata a Yanzu', believes the sweet substance kills more people than the smoke stick. He says, "Sugar kills. Think of the calories in sugar, fat kills more people than anything else, sugar is responsible for a lot of deaths, arguably more than cigeratte. Abubakar also dismissed claims he and Maijidda are headed for a divorce. At a weekend football training last week, he said, 'My marriage is fine as far as I'm aware of.' = = = Zainab Idris fans want her to play Fati Muhammad's role in 'Zo mu Zauna'. According to a recent Hausa film poll, fans of the 'FKD Films' want Zainab Idris to play the role of Fati in the next part of the movie 'Zo mu Zauna'. 'We had never actually thought of her, but we think she could pull it off. She definitely looks the part! It would be a very different direction than what Fati Muhammad is planning on doing', Ali Nuhu said. The rumour is that he wants Zainab Idris to play the part, and she would be a stunning girl up version of the character in her twilight years. What do you think about Zainab in Fati's shoe? = = = To Nollywood: No one sent me ooo, but one waka pass has been begging that I must let this actor who was once married to a top acting celebrity and who shares same surname with a notable Lagos Lawyer, know that there is a clothier that is blowing hot over a deal turn sour between them both. Someone, who is close to someone who is close to the clothier in question, said he saw her recruiting body builders to confront the actor who is originally based in London, anytime soon. I gathered that the lady alleged that the tall and dark actor owes her monies fit for her to travel to Abuja and back thrice on economy ticket. The monies, according to the waka pass, equaled the amount the clothier charged for clothes she either made for the actor or that the actor was supposed to help her sell in London. Anyway, this was why we thought the actor must hear this: the body builders have been given photographs of the clothes in question and they are to begin a ‘pull am from him body show’ anytime soon. A word is enough for the wise.
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