HOW come star actor and by the grace of the ‘Board of Trustees’ of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN), Vice President, South East, Emeka Ike, was looking unkempt at the AMP/Eko International Festival event held at the National Theatre on Wednesday? One waka pass mentioned that the Ike he saw that day was looking as though ‘water has not seen his body for days’. Not only that, the waka pass said the star of Snake Girl and other films came to the event without his belt; a reason he spent more time dragging his pair of trousers to cover his red and black boxers than he used his hands to shake people. We gathered that the actor and school proprietor didn’t sit through the discussion session on Nollywood, yesterday, today and tomorrow. They said he made out of the hall, way into the discussion and as he did, he struggled to keep his loose trousers in check. Anyway bro, long time. We offered ‘defences’ for you but the waka pass no gree! The defense: ‘we bin tell am say you just leave location and we insist say the Emeka wey we know, na always fine boy’. We say if at all e happen, may be na because you dey in a hurry to attend the programme, so you no look mirror’. How about that? To God be the Glory. your social media marketing partner