ONE popular actress, who is often accused of snatching men, boys inclusive, from her colleagues, has embarked on a borrowing spree since the day she learnt that the actress and show host Tricia Esiegbe has fixed a date for her wedding. The actress, who is from the South East but speaks Yoruba fluently, boasted to a few of her neighbours that she would not only appear at the wedding ceremony ‘powerfully’ but will do so in such a way that Tricia would break protocol to record an episode of ‘Bold Faces’ at her wedding. Although the actress lied that she ordered for the dress she was going to put on at the wedding from London, one waka pass we have put on her case revealed that almost 70 per cent of the attire she is going to wear to the event will be borrowed. In fact, according to the waka pass, the only thing our actress would come to the party with, that is her own, would be her hair and probably her underwear. Anyway, we are familiar with the wardrobe of the people we think she would approach. We wouldn’t fail to mention names if need be. The actress? If you guess right, you would have a chance to dance with any Nigerian international at the wedding reception. No one in the entertainment circle has got much to do with those footballers like Tricia. In fact, we gathered that there was a time that people fingered her for being the cause of woes at one nations’ cup final because of the way she interviewed Joseph Yobo late into the night. But it’s a deal, abi? My email is open. your social media marketing partner