Liz Anjorin and Iyabo Ojo just have two things in common – they are light-complexioned and they are Yoruba actresses. Apart from that, there is no love lost between the two. In fact, it is no longer hidden that both actresses are at loggerheads. Ojo had told Nonye Ben-Nwankwo in a recent interview that she turned down Anjorin’s request to be friends with her. But Anjorin described the claim as a white lie. “How can I want to be friends with that omo alata (pepper seller’s daughter)? What has she achieved that I have not achieved? She is not a great actress or a good dresser, so what will I gain with her friendship? If I, Liz Anjorin, an activist during my undergraduate days, should stoop so low to ask for Iyabo Ojo’s friendship, then I need somebody to flog me real bad,” Anjorin said. According to Anjorin, trouble started when she greeted Ojo at an event. “She didn’t answer me but later she came to where I was sitting and dragged me and said I should never call her name without adding ‘aunty’ to it. Can you imagine? Does she know my age? I have a 13-year-old daughter and that should tell you that I’m not a kid.” Anjorin was not through with her outburst. “Iyabo should go and fine tune her acting skills and then, I might try to make friends with her but definitely not before that. She should not use me to attract more fans. I’m not a star yet. I’m only begging God to help me in my career and I don’t think I will become a star by being friends with Iyabo Ojo,” she exploded. Anjorin admitted that they had a feud some years back but she has got over the issue and moved on with her life. “This thing happened over two years ago. I’m very mature and I have even forgotten about it. I had expected Iyabo to have done same, but it looks as if she is still harbouring grudges. That is her business,” Anjorin said. your social media marketing partner