Popular Nollywood actor, Hakeem Rahman, has joined the league of actors who continue to decry the poor remuneration they keep getting from acting. According to the actor, the industry has developed to a level where they now feature stars from America, the Caribbean and other countries but the challenge has always been poor payment. Speaking to Nigeriafilms.com on how then the new crop of actors are able to afford good luxuries they flaunt around, the actor attributed it to the endorsement deals that come their way. He stated that companies don’t use older people like him for endorsement deals but go for the younger people which is why people buy all sorts of cars. In his words, “Companies don’t use people like us. I’m over 60, they don’t use people like us for endorsement, most of the younger youths have lots of endorsement where they give them millions of naira so that can enable them to buy such cars. But if it is in movies, you can never see them making such money, you can’t.”
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