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King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, aka KWAM 1, or K1 De Ultimate, is undoubtedly a big and respected figure in the Fuji Music industry in Nigeria. Those who know him very well attest to the fact that the acclaimed Fuji lord is a lover of good things. Some people even joke that ‘the Oluaye of Fuji’, as he is also fondly called, cannot take his eyes off any good thing. As some said, ‘if Wasiu sees something he admires, he will go for it, no matter what, if it even means him personally going for the thing.’ One will see class in his music, and this has made him to become the preferred among other musicians in the same genre with him. Those who are close to the successful musician also said that K1 De Ultimate loves Nollywood and this may have influenced his decision to join the acting world. He recently featured in a movie on Lagos, which he did with Bukky Wright. At the City People Awards held on Sunday, June 22, 2014, the respected Fuji artiste expressed his love for highly gifted Nollywood actress, Queen Nwokoye. The singer walked up to the beautiful actress to commend Queen for her acting prowess, which was witnessed by this reporter. ‘I love what you are doing, keep doing what you are doing,’ Wasiu told Queen Nwokoye, who was rooted to the spot because she was shocked to get such a recognition from someone like K1 De Ultimate. Hardwork, they say, pays and you never can tell who is watching what you are doing, and I bet KWAM 1 might say more than he said when next he sees the beautiful actress, though the lady is happily married, as Nigeriafilms.com learnt. © 2014 Nigeriafilms.com Click the link below to go to... Don Jazzy Almost Killed Me...Bruised And Battered Man Cries Out Sex: Nollywood Upcoming Actress Recounts Ordeal In The Hand Of A Producer Baby Boy For Nollywood’s Ufuoma Ejenobor Top Nigerian film actors attend swearing-in ceremony of President Mahama Genevieve Shines At Music Meet Runway Season 2, Red Carpet Pictures St*bbed Female Artiste, Tiwa Banks Recovers Susan Peters Talks About Marriage Picture: Don Jazzy Flaunts God-Daughter
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