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The Nigerian Police Force, has once again left Nigerians wondering over its capabilities by neglecting the aspect of saving lives at any given time and not just the police alone but the Lagos State Emergency Service who have also failed to respond timely during emergency crisis. Between the hours of 10:30 pm on Sunday when people were busy watching the Fifa 2014 World final, a tragic accident occurred along Alagbole Akute road, Odo Eran Bus stop, when a white Toyota Camry without a registration number according to eye witness, ran over five people killing one instantly. Nigeriafilms.com on arriving at scene of the incident, discovered that three of the survivors were taken to an identified hospital while another survivor was still lying unconsciously and a dead body at United Estate bus stop. According to eyewitness account, the Toyota Camry driver was on full speed thereby hitting every persons on the way. Since he was on full speed, he could not be stopped and was able to escape. When Nigeriafilms.com put a call through to the Lagos state emergency line 767, it was discovered that some reports had been made already and there was no response and the receiver of the call told us that an ambulance was on the way of which as at the time of filing this report, none of such ambulance was seen. Furthermore, the Police force who arrived at the scene late with registration number NPF 657 4C, could not even salvage the situation as one of the officers explained that they needed the relatives of the dead person before he could be taken away or if they could get a commercial bus to carry the corps. Our reporter was able to trace the hospital where one of the survivors was taken to which is His Grace Hospital, located at Alagbole and was able to identify the survivor as Benedict David Ray Oyobolo, from Ondo state and happened to be a bike rider. The dead person's name could not be ascertained but was said to be a pedestrian. Dr. Oloye of the hospital where the survivor was taken to said that the victim was responding to treatment and was being cleaned up. It was lent that a bike rider was the person who was trying to save the lives of injured people and returned back to take plead that people should help in carrying the dead person but he was told that the police would not allow it.
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