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From all indications, it seems all is not well in actress Ann Njemanze’s new home. Ann, Segun Arinze’s ex-wife and Nollywood star who is well known as Domitilla got married again to her lecturer husband, Silver Ojieson regardless of the fact that he is 5-years younger than she is From the observations of Nigeriafilms.com, the actress and proud mother of two seems to be passing through trying times in her new marital home. This could be easily detected from her recent updates on social media. Few days ago, the Tinsel star posted an image of a bleeding heart with the words. ‘I’m hurting again, written on it. Then a while ago, she also posted another meme which reads, ‘I can’t even cry anymore, the only thing I can do is to feel my heart in pieces,’ It could be recalled that shortly after her wedding on Saturday, November 9, 2013, the sultry actress granted an interview where was asked if she’s not afraid that your marriage might crash again. Her prompt response was, “No! I reject it. We have our differences, just like other couples do, but it is not enough to say, we no do again. Before we got married, we told ourselves that divorce and separation are no option.” Her fans pray she would find strength to deal with whatever problems she’s going through with her new man, so it wouldn't result to another marriage failure.
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