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If there is one thing Nollywood is very known for, then it is husband snatching. For ladies who are wise, they never introduce their lovers to their actress friends because it could turn out to be a very costly and deadly mistake. In fact, some Nollywood actresses are shameless and do not mind what people say about them, all they care about is going out with a man that can ‘take care of them’ no matter whose ox is gored. Just when industry observers had thought that husband snatching sagas were becoming a past tense in Nollywood, an actress in the Yoruba film industry has found herself in a love triangle. Nigeriafilms.com learnt that Anita Efe Julius, one of the most sought after faces in the Yoruba film industry, has been accused of stealing her friend’s boyfriend. The Edo State-born single mother allegedly snatched one dude simply known as Teeman from her friend, Temilola aka Olacube. Narrating how it all started, Temilola, speaking with Nigeriafilms.com, said, “I met Anita during one of Jaywon's video shoots and then we became friends. I started selling stuffs to her, but she owed me lots of money and after much pressure, she started paying up gradually. “Anita likes spending money on clothes just to impress her colleagues. “She knew about the guy that I was dating, how his business slowed down and how I raised some money for him. I virtually cry on her shoulders because I took her like a sister when I thought she meant well for me. “After I introduced her to my boyfriend, I started noticing some changes in my guy. He stopped coming around. I never knew he was secretly seeing Anita. “I would have ended the relationship when I noticed the changes, but for the money they both owed me. It is painful that this same Anita I ran to when I had issues with my man is the same person that has snatched him from me. “One day, when I visited my boyfriend at his place, I saw Anita’s things in his house. The same teddy bear in her house, her shoes, bags and duvet that she sells, all scattered around my man’s house. I also saw her few days later riding my man’s car, and when I questioned both of them, they denied it.” The 26-year old self-employed lady also revealed to us that her boyfriend confirmed to her that he has slept with Anita several times. She added, “I feel betrayed and cheated because Anita is older than me. She is 37 with a son. Teeman has confirmed he slept with Anita countless times but that’s none of my business. Right now, I don’t care about them anymore, I want them to pay me the remaining outstanding debts.” Meanwhile, when Nigeriafilms.com contacted Anita on phone, she was very reluctant to speak with us on the issue. “Well, I don’t care. I’m not interested in whatever you are saying because I don’t know what you are talking about,” the actress said before abruptly handing up the call. READ ALSO:APC lawmakers allege kidnap plot by Fayose Click And Read More From Newstrack.ng
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