Nigeria’s Reggae icon better known as Rain Maker, Majek Fashek, might actually be gaining back himself after fighting some health challenges sometime back. The singer who was recently at the Lagos state Federal High court to show support for his fellow Reggae singer, Victor Essiet aka The Mandators whose case of assault by the Nigerian Police was being reviewed,seems not to have slowed down in his smoking habit. While trying to wait to make sure he sees his colleague and friend before leaving the court yard, the singer had to beg a journalist for a pack of cigarette and a lighter after the journalist had sort his audience about his album. READ ALSO: Obasanjo Foundation sacks trustee implicated in money laundering deal; reports her to London Police, U.K. Charity Commission According to reports, Majek Fashek needed the cigarette first before he could speak on when his much anticipated album ‘Dancing Rasta’ was going to be released. Though he was in the company of fellow singer, Prince Wadada, immediately he got a pack of B&H and matches, he was so happy to let the cat out of the bag as he disclosed that his album will be released next month June. Click And Read More From your social media marketing partner