EXCLUSIVE To Nigeriafilms.com The news of the near-death experience of a serving corp member in Nasarawa State was a rude shock to the academic world when Olubunmi Adeyera collapsed at the guard room for allegedly being rude to the security officials at the Orientation Camp in the state. The story broke that the Corper with the State code: NS/15A/0134 and Call-up no.: NYSC/NIJ/2015/061287, was sick and needed to eat to be fit enough to use his medications. He approached the camp market to get food and the security officials, Police and Man 'O' War attached to the camp commanded him to return to the lecture hall. The anonymous witness who broke the story said the corper had tried to explain to the officials that he was trying to eat so that he could use his medications but it all fell on deaf ears. The security personels inquested which ethnic group he belonged to and afterwards detained him at the make shift guard room when he revealed that he was of Yoruba origin. READ ALSO: How Jonathan, Emir of Zaria planned to kill me – ZakZaky It was at the detention room where he was for three hours that he had collapsed and doctors battled for his life for almost one hour before he was revived. Nigeriafilms.com put a call through to him and he confirmed the story. He said the camp authorities have begun to question him of how the story got to the internet. He said they were more concerned about how the story got out and cared less about his health. "I did not even know someone was writing and in here we are not allowed to talk to the media. I did not talk to any media. Even as I am, I cannot even talk comfortably because NYSC officials are all over me. "They locked me up in the guard room. That was not even a guard room, it was a toilet for hours until I collapsed and now, they are still questioning me of how the story got to the internet. Nobody is asking me about my health. Nobody is asking me how I am faring. "It is unfair. Am I not human? Did I do anything? Am I a cultist? Did they see guns with me? I have never been outside of South-West all my life and I am here all to be be locked up in a toilet-guard room. "I don't know their names because they are concealing their names. The story you heard is true and there is even more to it. "Now I have attended over seven meetings. You should see me and they are asking me same questions of how the story got to the internet. "The security operatives are lying right in front of me. They said I was being rude and even if I was being rude, is it supposed to be a death penalty? "And now the Director-General is leaving and I don't know what will happen next. I just have to go back to Lagos." Olubunmi Adeyera is a graduate of the Nigerian Institute of Journalism, Lagos where he studied Mass Communication. Click And Read More From Newstrack.ng
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