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Just like the ugly incident that occurred when popular actor, Muna Obiekwe, died, where a fake account of the deceased made some posts debunking the actor’s death, another fake account drama has again ensued, this time, not about a death of anyone. Some hours ago, a particular Instagram account with the handle @tontolet1, which claimed to be controversial actress, Tonto Dikeh, boldly announced that she's expecting a baby soon. 'Lord Thank You for the seed of life u planted inside me. Its such a beauty when he/she kicks inside u. I know most of ya all be wondering y I have bn taking head shots, I'll tell u why, n d season iz becus God has bn faithful and keepn his words in Genesis 3: 16 #EasyLionEasytiger#YOLO#Pokolee#ThankGod4Growth#,’ the account posted as captioned of a picture of Tonto with a protruding stomach. Since then, there have been reports online Tonto Dikeh is pregnant. However, Nigeriafilms.com has learnt that the account that made the post was fake. Already, fans of the Port-Harcourt-born actress, who know her main Instagram account as Tontolet, have been attacking the fake news bearer, advising the person to desist from tarnishing the hard-earned image of others.
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