Nollywood actor, Daniel K. Daniel, who was announced in 2014 as the Best of Nollywood (BON) Revelation of the Year, has been on a rising profile since he grabbed the award. But in recent times, the actor has been accused of being a 'homo', which he is not happy about. Speaking with Punch, Daniel K. Daniel revealed that he never wanted to be an actor while growing up and has laughed off the speculations that he has become successful because he has joined the league of 'gaye' actors. He admitted getting advances from men in the movie industry. The actor said, "I get it all the time. I get from those in the industry and those outside the industry and my answer is still the same, I am not gay. I am very straight and I love women. "I even hear gossip about myself. Some say I am becoming too successful and I may have joined the growing list of 'gaye' actors who got into it to become successful. I just laugh when I hear this and I ignore such talk." your social media marketing partner